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Terms & Conditions

This User Agreement (here in after referred to as the “User Agreement” or “Agreement”) with Tech Sales TR LTD Platform – 71-75 Shelton Street, Covent Garden, London, United Kingdom, WC2H 9JQ – (“TECH SALES TR”) It is an agreement between you (referred to as "MEMBER") and signed by digital offer and acceptance method under the conditions specified here (TECH SALES TR and MEMBER each "Party", collectively referred to as "Parties").



TECH SALES TR, Bringing together people who sell technology and software online, sharing information in the field of technology and software sales in bulletins, articles, information notes or other forms, providing trainings; It is a platform aiming at collective knowledge sharing.


2.1. Member and/or User (the term User is used as a general definition describing everyone who enters the Platform, including members), has read this User Agreement and all other terms related to the Platform; He/she has all the information regarding the platform and its content; accepts that he/she started using the Platform and/or registered/subscribed to the Platform after evaluating this information.

2.2. Liability for Use of the Platform

i. MEMBERS and/or Users accept responsibility for all transactions they make on the Platform by accepting the User Agreement and/or making use of the Platform in any way. Regardless of the purpose, MEMBERS and/or Users are solely responsible for the legal consequences of any communication they make through the Platform. The platform does not assume any responsibility in this regard.

ii. MEMBERS and/or Users not to collect any data on the Platform or other membership accounts; It accepts and undertakes not to access the database of the software on which the platform is located. Platform; It is prohibited to collect, record, process and/or access the MEMBER's personal data of other MEMBERS and/or Users without permission by MEMBERS, Users or third parties.

2.3. No Warranty

I. The software (“Software”) containing the Platform is provided by third party suppliers. TECH SALES TR makes no warranties, whether written or oral, express or general, to the fullest extent permitted by law regarding this software.

ii. TECH SALES TR states that the functionality, content and, if any, services in the Software are safe and error-free, defects will be corrected, or that the Software itself or third-party upstream and downstream sites/links do not contain viruses or other harmful content, or that Members/Users are not commercially beneficial. does not make any express or implied commitment to profit.

iii. TECH SALES TR has no responsibility for any service and/or infrastructure provided from the Software or third parties. The platform should be used by accepting these issues in advance.iv. MEMBERS and/or Users agree and undertake in advance to make TECH SALES TR free from any disputes that may arise due to their use of the Software, from claims for damage and/or from any claims directed to them by third parties. Due to TECH SALES TR Services or Service Content; does not take any responsibility against the Member and/or Users for consequential damages such as loss of profit, consequential damages or indirect damages.

2.4. Follow-up/Change of Terms of Use

i. The Platform can be renewed/changed by TECH SALES TR to provide a good and useful Platform to MEMBERS and Users. Depending on the innovations and changes, the Platform and/or its content may change.

ii. TECH SALES TR, at any time without prior notice, on the Platform, on the Software (Another software may be used or this software may be provided by TECH SALES TR itself.) Information, bulletin and / or information published on the Platform, in the content of the platform, the terms of use regulated in this Agreement. in your notes etc. reserves the right to partially and/or completely make changes or to introduce new/additional terms of use with new/additional content, to terminate the Platform in general, and to disable some pages and/or areas on the Platform.

iii. Changes made to be aware of all necessary terms of use will be presented on the Platform and will take effect on the date they are published. It is the responsibility of the MEMBER and/or Users to regularly monitor and read these conditions under the User Agreement. Use of the platform after such modifications constitutes acceptance of such changes.


3.1. The use of the platform is dependent on the membership condition, but this membership condition can be changed or removed by TECH SALES TR.

3.2. If the MEMBER completes the membership process by clicking the "I have read and accept the User Agreement" button on the screen, it means that the User Agreement has been read and accepted.

3.3. In order to become a MEMBER, Users will be asked to fill in information such as name, surname, e-mail address, LinkedIn address, phone number, province, country, company name. At this stage, the User is obliged to provide accurate information so that he can be notified in accordance with the purpose and use of the Platform. TECH SALES TR acknowledges that the identity and contact information submitted to the Platform for registration are up-to-date, accurate and reliable. any form placed on the Platform, transmitted or sent through the Software; The relevant User is responsible for all consequences that may arise due to incorrect identification and contact information.

3.4. Persons under the age of eighteen (18) cannot become a MEMBER of the Platform. If you are not at the age required for the validity of your acceptance statement, do not use the Platform as your acceptance statement will not be legally valid.

3.5. All responsibility of the transactions made through the membership account belongs to the relevant MEMBER. The MEMBER does not have the right to transfer or use his account and/or other membership elements to third parties; He agrees and undertakes that he will not create an account on the platform on behalf of anyone other than himself.

3.6. TECH SALES TR provides information about the positions, work experiences, etc. of the people who apply for membership. may conclude that such qualifications are not suitable for the platform. In this case, TECH SALES TR may reject the membership request.‍


4.1. In accordance with the Law No. 6698 on the Protection of Personal Data (“Law”), any information relating to an identified or identifiable natural person is personal data (“Personal Data”). Except for MEMBERSHIP transactions, the MEMBER's various personal data may be requested by third parties to enter, download or use the Software. TECH SALES TR has no responsibility for this data.

4.2. MEMBERS and/or Users; Considering that the Personal Data they have transmitted, disclosed, and recorded to the Platform will be open to TECH SALES TR and other Members/Users under the conditions specified in this User Agreement, they have disclosed this information and that any Personal Data they have disclosed, recorded, disclosed to the Platform will be submitted to TECH SALES TR. and other Members / Users are deemed to have accepted that they have lost their privacy.

4.3. The personal data in question can be processed fully or partially automatically, based on the legal reasons in the Clarification Text. These Personal Data may also be processed for other purposes specified in the Clarification Text, in cases where the relevant MEMBER has express consent.


TECH SALES TR makes maximum efforts for the security of the information shared on the Platform. TECH SALES TR is not responsible for the deletion or loss of information sent or transmitted to the software.


6.1. Except for the general usage methods of the Platform, automatic login and/or unauthorized access to the Platform cannot be made through robots and/or software. No actions or attempts can be made that will threaten or hinder the operation, infrastructure or security of the Software.

6.2. The use of the content and facilities provided on the Platform, the use of the Software are subject to the conditions specified in the Software and the permissions and limitations stipulated by the legislation. MEMBER and Users shall not use content containing profanity, insults, threats, violence, obscenity, discrimination, political views, religious values and the like while using the communication channels offered by the Platform and/or the Software, and shall comply with the legislation, customs and morals.

6.3. Visual, logo, brand promotion material, data file, written text, information, news, opinion, advice, advertisement, announcement, sound, music, video, photograph, visual, software and similar content sent to the Platform by the MEMBER (“Service Content” ”) can be published directly on the Platform. The sender is deemed to have given prior consent to the posting and use of such material on the Platform.

6.4. MEMBERS do not have the right to sell products or services, advertise for commercial purposes, make announcements and similar initiatives, or engage in trade, using the Platform or the Service Content, unless approved in writing or expressly stipulated by TECH SALES TR.

6.5. Communication Between Members: In case communication between Members/Users is possible via the Platform; All responsibility for communication between members belongs to the parties. TECH SALES TR does not make any commitments and assumes no responsibility regarding data security and malicious acts to the parties to the communication/connection/data traffic.


7.1. All rights, including intellectual and industrial property rights, of the Platform and the content, text, information, announcements, logo, brand, name, domain name and other elements on the Platform, or the license rights to use, belong exclusively to TECH SALES TR. Unless specifically stated, the terms written here do not give the Users the right to use them or make any savings on them, and cannot be interpreted as giving such permission or license. The names, logos, brands and other materials of third parties on the platform and the intellectual property rights of the content belong to the content providers/right holders. Unless specifically authorized by the content providers/owners, any part of them may not be copied in any way (including printing out, saving to disk, placing on another Web Site, downloading in any other way), in whole or in part, (including distribution of copies). ), may not be reproduced, distributed, published, processed or destroyed by changing the content.

7.2. A part of the platform may not be copied, reproduced, distributed (including distribution of copies), published, loaned, and its content modified or destroyed by any means (such as printing out the data, saving to a disk, placing on another site, downloading in any other way). It cannot be taken as an example to be reproduced or created.

7.3. Within the scope of this Agreement, the User/Member may access texts, video clips, files, databases or texts within the TECH SALES TR Platform, in a way that interferes with the personal rights of TECH SALES TR and/or other third parties, intellectual property rights or property rights under the Law on Intellectual and Artistic Works No. 5846. It accepts, declares and undertakes that it will not reproduce, distribute, copy and/or process any other element.


MEMBERS and/or Users; that the internet environment is not a reliable environment, that communication in the internet environment is risky, personal data, passwords, etc. It knows and accepts that all kinds of information, including information, may be the addressee of unlawful acts of third parties. TECH SALES TR makes no warranties regarding the security of the Platform and/or malicious acts.


In order for MEMBERS to benefit from some services offered through the Platform and/or the Software itself, utilities may be required. Likewise, in order for you to benefit from the Services and the Platform more easily, fluently and quickly, some "cookies" can be used, some information can be sent to the MEMBERS and/or Users or some MEMBER and/or User information can be collected through them.


10.1. This Agreement enters into force on the date it is digitally approved by the MEMBER. If the MEMBER leaves the membership for any reason, this Agreement also terminates automatically; In this context, the MEMBER has no right to make any demands from TECH SALES TR.

10.2. Regardless of whether the MEMBER is actively using the Platform, TECH SALES TR may unilaterally terminate this Agreement and/or terminate the MEMBER's use of the Platform at any time without giving any reason, without prior notice, without compensation.

10.3. TECH SALES, (i) MEMBER violates or attempts to violate this User Agreement and/or any of the conditions or policies set by TECH SALES TR, (ii) MEMBER does not have the right to use due to legal restrictions, (iii) ) In case the commercial relationship of TECHSALES with the content and service providers of the Platform is terminated and / or the services received from the service providers are interrupted for any reason, , may terminate this Agreement, membership and/or use of the Platform immediately, for just cause and without prior notice, without compensation, and/or suspend or terminate the publication of the Platform and/or the MEMBER's use, access.

10.4. TECH SALES TR reserves the right to close and/or remove the Platform, part of the Platform and/or page without prior notice.‍

10.5. The failure of TECH SALES TR to exercise or enforce any legal right or measure written herein does not mean that TECH SALES TR has waived or accepted the violation of its User Agreement or its legal rights.


In disputes that may arise from this Agreement and the use of the Platform, all kinds of electronic records, computer records, commercial books, commercial records, documents and documents of TECH SALES TR, including communication logs, and e-mail, text message (s) sent by TECH SALES TR to the MEMBER sms), fax notifications constitute final and exclusive evidence.


It has been accepted by TECH SALES that e-mail, short message (SMS), or fax notifications or similar electronic notifications to the contact information of the MEMBERS given or forwarded to the Platform will have the same legal consequences as the valid notification.


13.1. The Laws of the Republic of Turkey shall apply in disputes that may arise regarding the use of the platform and/or this Agreement. Those residing outside the Republic of Turkey and connecting to the Platform from outside the Republic of Turkey also accept that the laws of the Republic of Turkey apply in disputes that may arise regarding the use of this Agreement and/or the Platform, and waive their rights arising from all other applicable country regulations.‍

13.2. Istanbul Central (Çağlayan) Courts and Enforcement Offices shall be exclusively authorized to resolve any disputes that may arise regarding the use of this Agreement and/or the Platform.‍


If you have questions about the User Agreement, you can get more information by writing to hey@techsalestr.com.