The cohort starts on February 5, 2024

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Product Growth Masterclass for B2B SaaS Startups

Elevate your brand to new heights and position it as the driving force behind exponential growth! Immerse yourself in a dynamic learning journey where industry luminaries will personally mentor you to unlock your full potential.

Step into the realm of interactive education and let our experts illuminate the path to success for your product. Don't miss out on this transformative experience that promises to catapult your business to unparalleled heights!

learn the new trends ın product growth

Who is this program for?


-Get customers without spending a lot of money -Generate high-quality leads for your business -Train your related teams in product growth

Sales and Growth Teams

-Become the center of revenue generation -Upskill yourselves into better professionals -Get quality customers by building sales loops

Growth Hackers

-Learn the new growth hacking techniques -Make a living out of this one skill -Become a leader in your organization

Digital Marketers

-Transform yourself into a growth hacker -Learn new things about sales and growth -Add value to your digital marketing skills

Product Managers

-Boost the adoption of your product -Learn the depths of product-led growth -Better understand your customers


-Get world-class clients using growth techniques -Upskill yourselves and increase your offerings -Command a higher price in front of your clients


Get ready to grow your startup 3 times with this masterclass!

The SaaS and Managing marketing strategy

Total addressable market, ideal customer profile and personas

Positioning & messaging

Setup domain, setup DMARC, DKIM, setup inbox, email warmup

Market segmentation & ICP & Personas

Email prospecting, cold email and Linkedin setup, copywriting methods

CRMs & Pipeline Management

HubSpot setup, pipeline management and workflow design

Business Partnerships & Community Building

Partnerships, affiliate marketing and community building

Personal Branding & Social Selling

LinkedIn profile management, content strategy creation

Learn tech sales skills from
our leading experts

"If you're an early-stage B2B startup looking to grow your business, our Product Growth Masterclass can help you get there"

Product Growth Masterclass

Product Growth Masterclass

We are with you to take your initiative to the next level. Everything you need about SaaS product growth is in this training. Come and join us!


Hour Live Session


Main Topic


Free Resources


Advisory Sessions

learn the new thıngs ın tech sales

Program Overview

Sales Development & Sales Targeting


- Identifying your ideal customer profile (ICP) and buyer persona - Conducting market research to identify potential customers - Developing a sales funnel and lead scoring system - Creating targeted messaging and value propositions

B2B Sales Prospecting


- Developing a list of target companies and contacts - Identifying decision makers and influencers within a company - Conducting research to understand a prospect's pain points and needs - Crafting a personalized outreach message

Outbound Sales and Outreach Strategy


- Developing a sales cadence and outreach schedule - Crafting a compelling outreach message - Utilizing multiple channels (email, phone, social media) to reach prospects - Leveraging referral marketing and word-of-mouth marketing

CRM & Pipeline Management


- Setting up and configuring a CRM system - Tracking and managing sales leads and opportunities - Developing a sales pipeline and forecasting sales revenue - Utilizing dashboards and reporting to track sales metrics

Business Partnerships and Community Building


- Identifying potential partners and collaborators - Developing mutually beneficial partnerships and collaborations - Building and engaging with a community around your product or service - Leveraging social media and content marketing to build a following

Personal Branding & Social Selling


- Introduction to Personal Branding: Definition, Importance, and Key Elements - Building Your Personal Brand on Social Media: Best Practices and Strategies - Using Social Media to Connect with Potential Customers: Platforms and Techniques

MESSAGES from ouR participants

Success Stories

Success Stories

Emre Kaya


"Tech Sales 101 completely transformed my approach to sales. The course was easy to follow and provided practical insights and strategies that I immediately applied to my business. I saw a significant increase in my sales performance as a result. I highly recommend this course to any startup founder looking to improve their sales skills."

Aylin Yılmaz


"As a non-sales co-founder, I was struggling to communicate the value of our product to potential customers. Tech Sales 101 helped me understand the key selling points and how to effectively convey them. The course also provided great tips for building and maintaining relationships with clients. Thanks to Tech Sales TR and Leadhunter, our sales have been steadily growing."

Berk Aksoy


"I was skeptical about online courses, but this course exceeded my expectations. The instructors were engaging and knowledgeable, and the content was both practical and relevant. I learned how to identify potential customers, how to pitch our product, and how to close deals. I would recommend this course to anyone looking to improve their sales skills."


Frequently Asked Questions

Is the course entirely online?

Yes, the course is fully online, and all sessions will be conducted virtually. You can participate from anywhere with an internet connection.

Will the classes be in Turkish?

Will I be able to access the course material after the class is over?

Can more than two people from my company join the live classes?

Can we issue invoices on behalf of the company and pay in Turkish lira?