Community Rules

Users should respect each other‍

Racist, sexist, homophobic, and abusive comments made by members to each other will not be tolerated. In such cases, comments will be interfered with.‍

Tech Sales TR reserves the right not to publish hateful, violent, provocative, humiliating, insulting content and comments against individuals or certain groups based on their religious belief, race, ethnicity, age, social status, political opinion, sexual orientation, or physical condition. ‍‍

Contrary to the Membership Agreement, disclosing the personal information of other users, and using this information for their benefit; Users who use threats, harassment, annoyingly stalking other users and inciting others to violence will have their accounts closed‍

Comments that are derogatory, abusive, insulting, or slang expressions against individuals, organizations, cultures, or societies are not allowed. Tech Sales TR reserves the right to delete such comments, send warnings to necessary persons, and/or delete their memberships.

Tech Sales TR has the authority to delete users who have not been active for 60 days in the Slack channel‍.

To have a healthier discussion environment, members must respect the beliefs and opinions of other users in the comments made.‍

Members should not share their personal and private information for their safety.‍

Offensive comments about Tech Sales TR or a moderator decision are likely to be deleted.‍

Sending spam messages is prohibited. If the same and similar messages are sent more than once, they will be intervened.